Starting your first website for your business is no easy task. Often, the secret to your business’s success lies in whether or not you effectively market your brand.

A large part of establishing your business online is creating a website that is consistent with how you want to portray your company.

Here is the best method and things to be aware of regarding how to design a website:


1. Renting Online Real Estate Property for Your Website (aka Web Hosting)

While there are many free website options online, do not be tempted by them. These options are best for individuals that blog as a hobby.

Free sites are not feasible for growing and marketing a business. They are also not very customizable, which will really hurt your branding.

While free websites may offer paid subscriptions to unlock more features, these are still not the best options.

One of the most critical steps of how to make your website is signing up to host your own site.

You must find a host that offers high loading speed. It may also be beneficial to ensure that your hosting provider has a sound customer support system in case you run into any problems.

While it may look more financially efficient to start a free website, it is not. You have to spend money to make money (and so that the Google algorithm will be more likely to favor you).

2. Choosing the Right Domain Name

As more and more people build sites, domain names decrease in availability.

One of the easier ways of choosing a domain name is considering what your brand is all about. Make a list of terms associated with your business and form around 3-10 domain names. Your first choice is not always going to be available.

There are also several name generators on the web that you can use to help you out.

There’s one main thing you should be aware of when creating a domain name:

Avoid hyphens. They can make your site look spammy.

Once you’ve chosen a domain name, register it on your hosting account. And you’re good to go.

Just don’t full-on launch your site yet because you have more work to do.

3. Get Logo, Favicon, and Social Media Accounts Set Up For Your Site

This step is all about getting prepared to brand and market your business site.

To create your logo and site favicon, you have a couple of options:

● Go on a freelance site such as Fiverr or Upwork and pay someone to make your logo for you.
● Use photoshop or a free photoshop counterpart such as Pixlr to create the logos yourself.

Whichever option you choose, be aware that you need to be consistent with your branding. Put your logo everywhere that it’s relevant. You can even use it as a profile picture on your business social media accounts!

Create business accounts on all of the social media sites that you want to market on.

Here is a little checklist of a few social media options:

● Linkedin
● Twitter
● Facebook (although they’re known to bait and switch, so maybe not)
● Instagram
● YouTube
● Pinterest

Stay consistent on your social media accounts once you create them. You can set up post automation on sites like Hootsuite. This will ensure that you’re reaching your target audience as much as possible.

4. Consider Your Brand Theme and How It Will Translate to Your Web Pages

You now have your site logo and should ensure that your entire site is consistent. So, consider the message that you want your target audience to receive through your brand theme.

Color schemes can help or hurt your overall brand and customer conversion rate. If your business already has an existing color scheme, you need to make sure that you’re using it on all of your site pages.

A brand’s color scheme helps customers establish brand recognition and trust. If you still need to develop a color scheme for your business, take a look at some colour psychology.

For instance:

● Blue is a popular color that brands use, which psychologically creates trust.
● Green is often a calming color which could be useful if you want customers to feel calm when interacting with your company site.
● Red is a color that is hard to miss and draws in attention well. But it is also associated with aggressiveness.

Take the time to do some additional color psychology research. It’s vital that your target audience feels the way that you want them to when they click onto your site.

5. Build Your Website Using Website Software to Add Text and Visuals

In the past, people would have to learn the HTML script to build a website. Thankfully, modern software gives you all the tools you need to customize the appearance and visuals of your site.

You don’t need any specialised experience to build your site. And the even better part is that there are so many tutorials online for whatever software you choose. You can organize site content and format your website easily without ever touching script.

An example of where you could get this software is, which is a system that will allow you to manage your site content. It helps you to shape your site with tools and plugins.

If you do use plugins, be aware that many are not reputable. They may slow down your site or incite security risks. So, make sure you’ve done your research before playing with plugins.

Just know that in most cases, there’s no need to learn how to code. However, if you need a seriously custom site, you may need to learn or find a professional who can create it for you.

6. Write Content that Translates Your Business Offerings in the Online World

Learn how to write copy on a basic level. If you already know how to do this, you’re several steps ahead.

Copy reaches out to your target audience and moves them to complete an action. (Do some research on AIDA marketing funnels.) Practice your copy on your “About” page to draw in potential customers.

7. Market Your Business and Create Offers Online

Start generating site traffic with excellent SEO and social media marketing:

Use sites like Google Analytics to learn how to make the search engine love your site.

For social media marketing, entice your audience to click through to your site. Include just enough information in your posts to tease your followers. If you do this well, people won’t be able to stay away from your site!

Online, growth is exponential. Get the ball rolling as soon as possible to really benefit your business.

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