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6 Steps to Take for Good Product Photos

Ibrahim Ahmed, Web Designer, Australia

23 Nov 2020

Customers like to see how the products look like before making a purchase. Sure, bullet point explanations are nicer but showing those clean images of high quality will help build trust and transparency for the people behind making a purchase.
Therefore, neglecting a proper image shoot of your product can result in low sales and missed opportunities which every online business should avoid.

We will look into those factors.
• Lightning
• Camera
• Rule of Thirds
• Environment (White background or context images)
• Tripod
• Shoot for edit (neglecting photo quality in turn for photoshop edits)

learn to take good product photos

1. Lightning

When taking pictures indoors using lightning to enhance your imaging is so important, I cannot stress how crucial it is. Put simply, the more light falls upon your product the more rich, vibrant colours and details will projected from it, resulting in amazing product picture.

First off, best source of light would be free light source. Yes, that’s right sunlight is free and you can utilize it to create one of the best images indoors. If you allow sunlight to enter your room’s window and onto product it will be best thing lightning you can get. Another important thing is to utilize reflector so both side of products are highlighted properly. And it doesn’t have to be some fancy expensive thing. Just take plain whiteboard and have it stick on opposite side of sunlight next to your product and try taking picture see what difference does that make for you. If sunlight isn’t an option consider investing in indoor lightning stands which can make difference in projecting rich image of your product as light falls upon it.

2. Camera

While a proper camera such as DSLR models or mirrorless camera are good and they can take pictures of up to 4k resolutions. Such higher resolutions are nice but higher resolutions aren’t everything. Let’s face it, your product main image in home page and product page would have limited space allocated for it. Sure, in places like details section you can include higher pixels but it is place is not everywhere and certainly not on the main navigation points. Therefore, a picture with good focus, higher clarity and lightening will add much more value than simply taking same picture in higher resolution. Even your phone camera can do the job, provided it is a recent model with at least 12 – 15 mega pixels.

Tip: Never use zoom-in feature with your camera phone, you can do zoom-ins with dslr/mirroless cameras as they have ability to adjust focus & ISO settings, your phone doesn’t have those. Best to take photos up close when using camera phone.


3. Rule of Thirds

This is simply a way to take image based on rule of thirds which allows you to visualize how the image will appear central to your photography. It is but a 9-box grid that you can use for visualization to work out the angles and how best to project your images.

It doesn’t really have to be complicated but it is good idea to look at some examples to understand rule of thirds so next time when you are out about specially for your outdoor image angles you can utilize rule of thirds to have that rich image taken out of your product.

4. Environment

Choosing environment for photoshoot is a decision you have to make based on kind of product you have. If your product is a bag, pair of sunglasses or a clothing apparel you can take images outdoor so it looks practical for your buyers to see product being used by people. If your product is specific small item like a pen, mobile phone or a cake indoor picture will be suitable. However, limiting to those environments based on product isn’t good. Using a combination of both indoor and outdoor will make your product both personal and professionally relatable. For a bag or sunglasses, you need pictures to show without people just product by itself which can be done in indoor studio or a home-inexpensive studio). And for indoor things like cake can still be taken out and setup in a picnic like place showing people having slices of it is a great way to add that extra personal touch to your product.

Use of whiteboards, paper rolls are so much better to make your products appear uniform and retain most of the focus. If you are product has uses, then pay focus to specifics such as for bags it could be zipper quality, shoulder pads and capacity. This can be better shown with multiple pics focused on those aspects.

5. Tripod

Have a fixed tripod will help with stabilization, once you have decided upon angle and setup your tripod, you can than pay attention to taking a detailed image with your camera’s zoom and focus settings. Play with few settings in same angle before shifting away to another angle. Doing all this while holding a camera is very difficult and therefore utilizing a tripod is very effective in taking that high-quality picture.

Tripad good for product photos

6. Shoot for edit

Don’t take pictures in a rush thinking you can leave upto edits to improve its quality. This is unfortunately a big mistake, something I myself am guilty of in the past. Strive to take a best image you can while you are shooting. Take multiple images with slight changes so you have multiple options to choose from and narrow down the best images. Once you got those images you think are best than you can further enhance things with photoshop edits, things like adjusting colours, vibrance, brightness, fade all those options to high-light your image further will make your product show up in remarkable ways.

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